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I am Pradeep, I am an engineer on a mission to help others become better software engineers by sharing my knowledge as experience of more that 1.5 decade of writing software and building IT systems spanning across Banking, Call Center, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Food and Delivery domains.

In my career I have worked in several roles, basically everything between an Individual Contributer to a Director in both consulting and product based companies.

  • Web: I have worked on web frontends – I started with classic ASP using VB and have worked on everything after that (React, Angular, Vue etc.)
  • Mobile: I have built native mobile applications, desktop applications and also used the hybrid approaches in building platform specific applications.
  • Backend: I have written code for backend using most of the prominent languages and technologies, I have architected high scale systems (on the scale of millions of requests per minute) meeting very tight SLAs around latency and throughput.
  • Machine Learning: I have been part of engineering teams where we built systems that used machine learning and data science to solve problems in the fields of NLP (natural language processing), visual recognition and recommendations.

I have a great collection of articles, video tutorials and complete series on TheGeeksDiary.com for topics such as Programming, System Design, Machine Learning and Data Science. In addition to the free artcicles I also conduct specialized courses in these subjects in small batches to be able to provide personalized learning experience.

You can connect with me through other channels as well to stay updated about the new content and courses.

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